Rehab In A Box is a proprietary renovation service powered by Recromax, LLC, a Florida Licensed General Contractor (CGC1521076) that has served Institutional investors for more than a decade. Recromax has completed over $100,000,000.00 in single-family and multi-family renovations and has the resources to stand behind its work. With the creation of Rehab In A Box,  individual investors have access to the same professionalism, proficiency and bulk material savings that large investment firms have enjoyed for years. This is a results-driven business and our results speak for themselves. Licensed, insured and ready to work, we can bring economies of scale to investors just like you.


Our property renovation business model has been designed to provide full confidence and transparency to our clients at every stage of the process. The seamless Rehab In A Box construction process will ensure your assets provide you the highest possible return at the quickest pace and leave you with a turn-key product on time and on budget!

3d scans 3d scans


3-D scans

Putting you virtually inside your asset, we show you the good and the bad to give you a complete picture of your real estate project.

close up of a roof close up of a roof

Roof inspections and
verifications with

From anywhere in the world you can verify conditions and measurements for enhanced cost control.

people discussing construction project people discussing construction project

On-demand, individualized
communication with

Your dedicated Project Manager has you covered with continuous updates on the status of your renovation and fast answers to your inquiries.

After renovation of your asset is complete, we perform and provide you with a 100-point preventative maintenance checklist to help prevent any issues during the sale or next tenancy. Our proprietary process provides investors with complete confidence that their investment is ready to rent or sell—without ever stepping foot on the property.


Our leaders are experts in their fields and allies you can rely on throughout the property renovation process. With a combined 40 years of industry experience, the RIAB Team levels the playing field for the individual investor and provides the best options to fit any renovation project. 

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Rob Molnar

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should I call for the best renovation results?

Recromax has been in business and a licensed General Contractor for over 12 years and has an outstanding, documentable and verifiable track record. Even if you decide not to choose us, please conduct extensive research on any contractor you’re considering hiring. Only use licensed Florida contractors, verify the status of their licenses and registered complaints, and CALL their insurance carrier for an immediate policy status check. It also never hurts to check their standing with BBB and other credentialing bodies. Having a business license alone isn’t enough, those only cost $60!

Not every home improvement project requires permits and inspections but many projects that might not seem like it actually do. Whether you are selling a house or moving people into it, safety of the finished product should be your #1 concern. Recromax tells you exactly which permits you need, handles everything, delivers success on all inspections, and saves you from countless delays caused by inexperienced contractors. It’s better to plan up front and comply with all legal requirements, but some people just find out the hard way. Even after you have finished a renovation and paid for it, you could be required to demo non permitted work and start all over. Why pay twice for something when you can pay once and still get a better product? Proper permitting requires experience with FEMA forms, impact calculations, and stormwater permits required on many Florida jobs. The best time to find out about them is before the project ever starts.

With years of industry experience and connections, the RIAB team has built a reputation of trust and a network of verified, vetted, and reliable subcontractors who start our jobs quicker and finish them faster. From a single house for an individual investor, to five projects per week for an investment group, RIAB can complete permit applications, order materials, and assign a subcontractor within the first 48 hours. Even with the absorption of multiple properties at one time we can still get projects moving more quickly than many other contractors can close out the Texas HoldEm Poker they’re playing on Meta and return your phone call.

The Better Business Bureau suggests never paying contractors completely upfront, and as a reputable contractor we would never ask you to. We fully disclose our payment schedule to every customer in a Work Authorization that must be signed by both parties. Always discuss and understand payment terms with everyone beforehand and get it in writing. Be aware of exactly how much is due and when, and be prepared to stick to the payment schedule. Payments can be organized by due dates, milestones, or other options, but whatever your schedule is we will have a plan for you.

Contracting companies often work multiple projects at a time or hire unreliable subcontractors to do the work on the cheap and increase their piece of the pie. For the sake of consistency, it’s essential to verify that you can count on the same workers until completion and we have maintained many of our subcontractors for 5, 6 and 7 years. If you do choose another General Contractor please make sure they hire reputable subcontractors to safeguard your asset. Inquire as to their qualifications, and verify they are covered by the same insurance the General Contractor is.

Every Rehab In A Box customer has unlimited access to his or her own Project Manager. Through our technology your dedicated Project Manager is never too far away or too busy for you. The best way to communicate with our team is through our project management platform, Buildertrend, which tracks and time stamps every communication. When made on the platform, your inquiries are seen by numerous team members who are constantly scanning open projects seeking to shave project timelines and get answers for you or from you as quickly as possible. Some of the longest delays in major construction projects come from making phone calls, leaving messages, and waiting for a return call. The old days of phone tag have been put out to pasture. You can go live with us and every interaction is logged automatically and time-stamped. Most often there are multiple Recromax and Rehab In A Box personnel intimately familiar with your project and communication is our specialty.

Our legitimate subcontractors take necessary precautions to protect your belongings. This could range from protecting appliances with proper protective wrapping or removing certain items from the job site altogether. In addition, properties are rekeyed if the client requests this service and keys are kept in a secure lockbox on site for easy access by ownership, property managers, subcontractors, etc.

Due to the nature of mechanical systems many of the key components are installed behind walls. Occasionally projects end up costing more when unexpected or undiscoverable problems arise. A reputable General Contractor will have an honest discussion with you about the actual condition of your asset and offer multiple solutions to resolve a situation. Rehab In A Box will not incur any costs over and above your scope price without your choice of options and written approval. Photos will be taken of any areas where issues arise and these will be shared with ownership as well as a clearly understandable Change Order to be signed and returned before any additional work is performed.

At the completion of every renovation another Matterport 3D scan is done of the property for verification that all work has been completed and is up to quality standards. The property investor is able to virtually walk the house as if he or she were standing inside it, and verify all materials and measurements for cost control. Once quality is checked and approved by the investor a final accounting is done and payment is made to the contractor. All material warranty cards, key copies or lock instructions, etc. are mailed to the investor or property management company and the house is turned over rent or sale ready!

Most legitimate contractors offer a warranty on their work. It’s important to understand ahead of time what it covers and how long it will remain in effect. The materials used on your project may also have a manufacturer’s warranty, so it’s important to obtain a complete list of items used on your project. Request copies of all this information once the renovation is complete.

We’re a one-stop shop for real property renovations or disaster remediation services.

Recromax and Rehab In A Box were founded to offer a superior renovation product to institutional and individual investors, and we pride ourselves on keeping that commitment to every one of our clients. If you are in need of some “boots on the ground” in Florida to get into property investment or have any questions we can answer, please reach out to us through the link below or give us a call at 833-387-7765.